Sunday, July 4, 2010

Anchorage, Alaska, 4th of July Activities

4th of July activities in Anchorage and Alaska abound! Happy 4th of July to all of you out there from the Sundbergs at Your Home Away from Home B&B in Anchorage, Alaska!

One of the fun activities we use to demonstrate our pride is fireworks. In Anchorage, Alaska we do the same. Except it is difficult in the "Land of the Midnight Sun" to actually see those fireworks. It is too light at midnight! Well, one of the family traditions that we have- is travel to Eagle River which is about a 15 minute drive north from Anchorage. They have their fireworks at midnight on the night of the 3rd. So for 15 years now we drive to Eagle River to a church that is directly across from the area that they shoot the fireworks. We get out our lawn chairs, warm jackets & umbrellas - just in case- and we have a front row seat to some beautiful & loud fireworks.

Today in downtown Anchorage there will be a parade. It is a small parade, but still fun. There are too many people that leave town for the weekend. If you were to drive around town today, you would wonder where all the people were. They are in Homer, Seward, Kenai, Soldotna, Sterling, Russian River. They are fishing, 4 wheeling, hiking, and just out enjoying Alaska. Mt. Marathon race attracts many to Seward on July 4.

Another tradition we have in our family, is too have a big BBQ party for our oldest daughter. She was born on the 4th of July 27 years ago today! When she was a little girl, she thought that everyone, everywhere was celebrating her birthday!

For those left in Anchorage, you will see many of them having a 4th of July BBQ.
We are having halibut from the Kenai River tonight. Yum!

Independence Day has long been a favorite of mine. I realize that many people do not stop to think about what this day is really about. But many do! I am very proud to be an American. Very proud of what our nation stands for. It often times brings tears to my eyes even thinking about the freedoms that we take so casually. I think of the many countries who would love to live in such freedom as we have. Many of those people come to America, and we welcome them with open arms. Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying your day. Celebrate, if even for a moment, your freedom.

Happy 4th of July!


AnchorageBBClub said...
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Camai Bed and Breakfast said...

Craig and Caroline at Camai Bed and Breakfast enjoy quiet, reflective Independence Days.

Carol said...

Here at Big Bear Bed & Breakfast, Carol Ross is making our traditional Red, White & Blueberry dessert with wild blueberries we picked near our family's homestead at Matanuska Glacier, about 100 miles northeast of Anchorage, and raspberries from our garden. We'll be enjoying BBQ moose burgers and reindeer hotdogs with friends and family. We fly our American flag from Flag Day on June 14th through Independence Day on July 4th. Happy Independence Day.